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Journeying through life unapologetically! Here's to a journey of freedom, transformation, happiness, healing, and growth!

The journey is ...


A Compass


Daily Adventure


Travel Companions


Your Unique Path

If your journey is a vast forest, the compass is your navigator, your guide through the untamed woods. It's like having a wise forest guide who knows the trails, the challenges, and the hidden gems within. A teacher becomes the compass that helps you navigate the twists and turns of life, offering insights and wisdom to make your journey through the forest more clear.

See your life as a daily adventure, and your practice is your journey of progress. It's like taking intentional steps, one after another, towards the destination of self-discovery. Each practice is a part of the adventure that shapes your life and prepares you for the journey ahead.

Life's journey is never a solo expedition; it's a caravan of fellow travelers, and this community is your group of deep connections. Together, you explore diverse landscapes, share stories around the campfire, and uplift each other during the highs and lows. Community is not a small part of the journey; it is the very essence of your travel experience.

Your life is like an ongoing book, and self reflection is the pause at the end of each chapter. It's not just reading your story; it's actively writing and editing, adding depth and removing errors to your truth. Self-study is the constant exploration of your inner world, making each page a unique revelation in the book of your life's journey.

I host experiences and workshops to guide people in discovering happiness and freedom in simple, fun, and practical ways to use in their every day life. 

Through my own search for happiness & freedom I became a student of life— formally and informally. Informally traveling over 30 countries , immersed in cultures, wisdom, and experiences that changed my life. Formally, discovering paths that lead me to more than 700 hours of accredited training in yoga, transformation, and healing.

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Individualized Approach Based On Where You Are On Your Journey

Easy, Practical, & Sustainable Practices For Your Daily Life

Experienced and Certified in Transformation & Healing Journeys

An Open Minded, Open Hearted, & Flexible Schedule

Let's Journey Together

These experiences are designed to meet you exactly where you are on your unique life journey. They offer a self-exploration journey to discover the power that each of us posses within, in an easy , fun, and authentic way that allows you to experience happiness and freedom in your daily life.